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CDC warns COVID cases up “in nearly 75 percent of country”

WASHINGTON – The CDC is warning America to a rising case numbers of COVID-19.

The agency’s deputy director, Dr. Jay Butler, said the agency has seen a ‘distressing trend’ where COVID-19 case numbers are increasing “in nearly 75 percent of the country,” reporting 60,000 cases a day on average across America, with 700 deaths on average.

Many of the case numbers now come from the Midwest, which is becoming cooler, forcing people to move activities indoors.

“Smaller, more intimate gatherings with family, friends and neighbors may be driving infections,” Butler says wearing masks is still “as important as it’s ever been.”

The United States surpassed 8.3 million infections as of Wednesday evening with 222,220 deaths.  A recent report suggests those deaths may be much higher than reported.

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