Contact Tracing shows sites for Exposure vs. Outbreak so far Kankakee-Will Region 7


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BOURBONNAIS — Data released November 6th from the Illinois Department of Public Health showcases key exposure and outbreak data released after contact tracing efforts were performed in Region 7.

An outbreak, according to IDPH, is defined as five or more cases that are linked to a common location during a 14-day period. The linked cases must be from different households and not already connected from other sources.

Potential exposure sites are interpreted as locations where COVID-19 exposure may have occurred, and are not a definitive positive exposure result.

Among outbreaks in Region 7, schools and universities made up nearly half of all outbreak locations as of early November with 47.36% of contact tracers tracing infections back to educational facilities.  The data outbreaks range from the nine locations listed including public and private Universities and schools across the state.

Rounding out workplace outbreaks, food production facilities, and manufacturers was the second-highest mark accounting for 31.56% of all outbreaks.  Long-term care facilities and correctional facilities took in just over 15.78% of all cases traced for outbreaks with retail/sales environments accounting for just over 5%.

Among potential exposure sites in Region 7 traced back by contact tracers since November 6th include schools and colleges lead the way with 478 people possibly exposed.  Followed by other locations (362), workplaces (345), bars and restaurants (245), business and retail environments (192), and hospitals and clinics (240).  General locations with some of the fewest cases associated with them included grocery stores (90), Churches (34), and health clubs (32).

In all, 36 sites have been added to the list by contact tracers for potential exposure, with some of the most surprising yet underrated sites including car washes (<5), water parks (<5), and golf courses (12).

Contact tracing data is gathered by the Illinois Department of Public Health using records provided locally from the Kankakee County Health Department and Will County Health Department.

Statewide data

Across Illinois, outbreaks at factories, manufacturing, and workplaces accounted for 17.7% of all cases statewide at 78 confirmed locations.  That was followed by confirmed outbreaks at public and private schools and universities at 16.6% of all contact tracing efforts at 73 locations.  Other sources of outbreaks included bars and restaurants at 9% (40), community events at 7.7% (34), and church, temple, or religious locations at 7.7% (31).

Some locations with the fewest outbreaks by category across the state include a spa, two homeless shelters, and six gym/fitness/dance studios.

Among potential exposure sites in Illinois, restaurants and bars ranked highest with 3,870 locations. Schools ranked second with 3,794 locations potentially exposed, followed by workplaces (3,693), hospitals or clinics (3,106), and business and retail environments (3,080).

Dialysis centers (13), car washes (21) physical therapy (103) were some of the lowest ranking sites for exposure statewide. Grocery stores also ranked near the lower portion of the chart with potential exposure at 3.5% (1,246).


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