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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Chicago Officer walks you through a COVID-19 test site

Have you wondered what it’s like to go through a COVID-19 testing site?

Friday morning, Chicago Police Officer Michael Carroll documented his experience on Twitter as just one of many first responders and healthcare professionals across the Nation who is in dire need of test results. 

Not to ease their own health concerns, but the fear they could’ve brought something home to their family. 

Which is why Officer Carroll arrived at a testing site on the City’s Northwest side early this morning at 7 am.

After arriving, Officer Carroll is assigned a number.  He’s #33.  At some testing sites cutoff comes for the day at a certain number.  Earlier this week in Joliet, Police were cutting off lines at #70.  Federal spokesmen have said sites like these can accommodate 250 people a day with expanded personnel.

Officer Carroll is asked to put his ID on the dash, provide information, has his temperature taken and heads into the testing site. 

Before you know it, he’s done. Now the wait for results begins.

Be sure to thank Officer Carroll for his service and to see more of his journey from this morning, check out his Twitter.


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