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Thursday, July 7, 2022

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Illinois COVID-19 grows to 2.5k cases, 26 dead

Illinois announced 673 new cases of COVID-19 today, bringing its total to 2,538 confirmed cases, claiming a total of 26 lives. Exactly 87% of those fatalities are among patients 60 years and older.

Cases now stretch across 37 counties in the State ranging in ages 0-99 years old.  New counties reporting include Franklin and Tazewell.

“Events that have become, unimaginable, have quickly become a daily reality,” Governor Pritzker said during his COVID-19 address today.  “As we look past the peak, we’ll certainly be looking at measures we can take whether it’s regionally based or based on the type of industry, where we can start to ratchet down the ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders.”

The Governor also addressed today the need for people to continue to be aware of themselves and their surroundings while shopping.

“We have in fact told people they should stay six feet apart.  I know that there are stores that are enforcing that. I’ve seen the pictures you’ve seen and maybe you’ve experienced it personally too.” the Governor said. “People need to take responsibility for themselves. Because there are still people out there that don’t believe that this is real.”

Below is a video of Bonnie from Chicago who had such an experience Governor Pritzker referenced during today’s address.

“I know that as the weather warms up, we are tempted to get together and socialize, but we need to look forward and look for the big picture.  There’s a lot at stake, and we can’t go for short term wins at the cost of our society.” Dr. Ezika warned a day after Chicago residents headed to park trails along the lakefront in the city.  Pickup games of basketball and other sports were spotted by a variety of news outlets.

Earlier today, Chicago’s Lakefront, along with the Chicago Riverwalk and the 606 Trail, were all shut down. “That is a very real and direct threat of the well-being of everyone in this city, and it has to stop,” Chicago Parks CEO Michael Kelly said.

As of this afternoon, Kankakee County is reporting 17 COVID-19 cases ranging in ages 30s to 80s. Will County now reports 77 positive cases ranging in age 20 to 80 with three deaths.


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