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Coors Light umbrella stolen from Peotone bar

A Peotone bar was left in shock this week after a Coors Light umbrella was stolen off an outdoor bar patio.

The theft occurred during the early morning hours Sunday at Game On Sports Bar & Grill just after 4:30 am. The incident was captured by security cameras and features a man in a truck pulling up, walking up the patio, and removing an umbrella.

The umbrella is predominantly featured on Game On’s Facebook cover photo.

Owner Vicki Moore says she’s less upset about the theft itself and more about the principle event taking place in light of recent world events.

“It’s really less about the umbrella and more about the principle that someone would do that. Who thinks, “Oh, I want that,” and then just takes it? After the last couple of months, we’ve been through in the bar/restaurant industry, I would think people wouldn’t’ be so ignorant,” Moore said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Peotone Police or call 708-258-3279.

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