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U.S. passes 2 million COVID-19 cases, cases rising in over third of nation

20 states have seen a jump in COVID-19 cases after restrictions were eased

The United States passed 2 million cases since the pandemic began back in March on Wednesday, according to Johns Hopkins University data which has been at the forefront of archiving the pandemic since outbreaks began in March.

Five states now, New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois and Massachusetts have all totaled over 100,000 cases in each since then.

The first reported COVID-19 case entered the United States back in January.  Illinois saw its first case when a man returned from Wuhan China on January 24th.  Since then, there have been 129,837 cases resulting in 6,095 deaths in Illinois.

Illinois was the only state to meet benchmarks to reopen back at the end of May.

Meanwhile states like Arizona are currently seeing hospital capacity at 83% and climbing, moving into a milestone that should trigger a stop to things like elective surgeries. State leadership has been criticized there for not adding requirements to prevent a surge in cases.

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