200,000 Expected near I-57, US-45: Illinois Amps Up Safety Measures for Solar Eclipse


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Springfield, IL – As the much-anticipated solar eclipse approaches, Illinois prepares for an influx of over 200,000 spectators along I-57 and US-45. 

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is enhancing safety protocols to manage the heavy traffic expected on April 8th. The solar eclipse’s path of totality, a rare celestial phenomenon, will stretch across Southern Illinois, presenting a unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to witness day turn to night as the moon obscures the sun.

In anticipation, IDOT has provided a comprehensive list of safety tips and travel guidelines. They strongly advise against stopping on the roads or shoulders to view the eclipse, to prevent accidents and ensure the free flow of traffic. Instead, they recommend exiting the roadway and parking in a designated safe area well away from traffic. Headlights should remain on during the eclipse to maintain visibility, and the use of eclipse glasses is stressed for safe viewing.

The state has also taken proactive measures to accommodate the expected surge in travel volume. IDOT has temporarily lifted construction-related lane closures to minimize congestion and facilitate smoother travel before and after the eclipse. Additionally, real-time traffic updates and road conditions will be accessible online to assist travelers in planning their routes.

Community events, including festivals and concerts, are being organized across the region to celebrate the occasion, further contributing to the expected congestion. IDOT’s Secretary, Omer Osman, has released a public address detailing the eclipse viewing and travel safety tips, underscoring the state’s commitment to ensuring a memorable and secure experience for all.

With the convergence of spectators on major thoroughfares such as I-57 and US-45, IDOT’s message is clear: Safety is paramount. As Illinois embraces this astronomical spectacle, the combined efforts of the public and state agencies aim to make the 2024 solar eclipse a stellar and incident-free event.


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