Chicago’s Columbia College Adjunct Faculty Announce Strike Amidst Allegations of Mismanagement


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CHICAGO – The halls of Columbia College echo with rising tensions as 600 adjunct faculty members, standing united under the Columbia Faculty Union (CFAC, IFT/AFT/AFL-CIO Local 6602), overwhelmingly vote for a strike. 

According to Union reps, the groundbreaking decision stems from long-standing grievances tied to allegations of gross fiscal mismanagement by the college’s administration. Central among them are the reported elimination of numerous courses and the augmentation of class sizes, actions seen by many as cost-cutting measures that ultimately undermine the quality of education provided. The measures have reportedly not only caused distress among the faculty but have also elicited concerns over the college’s commitment to its student body.

The Union cites documented evidence of a diversion of funds away from educational activities towards administrative overheads between 2019-22 has fanned the flames of discontent. The reported findings have only amplify the union’s call for greater transparency in college spending, questioning the propriety of increasing administrative expenses at the expense of academic initiatives.

As Columbia College stands at this pivotal juncture, Chicagoans and the broader academic community watch with bated breath. A strike date is set to be announced soon.


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