Nationwide Tribute: 80th Anniversary of D-Day Celebrated with Illinois Exhibit


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Wheaton, IL – A new exhibit at Cantigny Park’s First Division Museum is honoring the 80th anniversary of D-Day with a compelling outdoor display opening today, June 6, 2024. “Nothing But Victory” offers visitors an immersive experience, blending art and history to commemorate the U.S. Army’s 1st Infantry Division’s role in the pivotal World War II event.

According to the First Division Museum, the exhibit features a 300-yard visual story, replicating the soldiers’ treacherous journey from Omaha Beach to the French countryside. Visitors will traverse a path through simulated hedgerows, culminating in a sculptural tribute to the sacrifices made by these soldiers 80 years ago.

The special exhibit aims to provide a vivid portrayal of the D-Day landings and the ensuing battles. The experience is designed to evoke the tension and heroism of the soldiers who faced enemy fire and challenging terrain. Cantigny Park emphasizes the exhibit’s unique fusion of artistic elements and historical artifacts, offering a moving educational experience for all ages.

For more information, visit The museum hopes the exhibit will attract visitors from across the Midwest, drawing attention to the bravery and resilience of the 1st Infantry Division.


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