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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Distracted Driver slams into Firetruck

A driver suffered minor injuries early Friday morning in a Michigan town after slamming into a firetruck. 

“We want to make this incident a huge reminder to all drivers the dangers of distracted driving. NEVER text, scroll through social media, talk on the phone, eat or apply makeup while driving. At all times you need to stay alert and pay attention to your surroundings,” the Troy Fire Department said in a statement on Saturday.

The firetruck, which was dispatched to a call on Maplelawn Drive in Troy, MI, was parked with emergency lights activated when the distracted driver reportedly rear ended the parked truck.  No firefighters were injured in the crash while the driver of the car was treated at a nearby hospital for his injuries.

“If you see an emergency vehicle approaching please slow down, pull over to the right and stop until the vehicle has passed. If you see a firetruck, police car, ambulance or tow truck on the side of a roadway with lights activated slow down and try to merge over a lane if you can do so safely.”

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