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Ford County prepares to move into Phase 1B of Vaccinations including police, educators

FORD COUNTY – After receiving a third round of vaccine shipments, the Ford County Public Health Department announced Monday it is preparing to move into Phase 1B of distribution.

Newly eligible residents to receive the vaccine will include other essential workers such as police, fire, educators, those in food and agriculture, utilities, correction, transportation and other fields.

“It is unknown how long the Ford County will remain in Phase 1A as it depends on the quantity and frequency of vaccine deliveries, as well as the number of eligible individuals who choose to be vaccinated when it is available to them. Each county receives a different number of vaccines and may be at different phases in the vaccination plan, so we ask the public to please be patient,” Ford County Public Health Department said in a statement Monday.  “As Ford County moves to Phase 1B, information will be given as to who is eligible to receive the vaccine and directions on how to register for the vaccine once eligible. Details on how to register will be coming soon.”

There have now been 300 doses administered in Gibson Area Hospital employees qualifying for the vaccine with a mix of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines received.

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