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Frankfort Fall Fest to go on as ‘Fall Market’ over Labor Day weekend

FRANKFORT, IL — The Annual Frankfort Fall Fest will go on as scheduled, with “some modifications,” the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce announced on Tuesday.

“As each week passes, though we continue to be hopeful, disappointment and frustration runs high as we are made aware of cancellations and modifications to events that are near and dear to us. Despite all of this, we must press on and continue to be hopeful for tomorrow and the day after that and so on,” said Fall Festival Chair John Clavio Tuesday.

“Without a doubt ALL parties collectively agree that the health and safety of ALL, has to be and will be priority number one. At the same time our Community must move towards tomorrow and plan to “Restore.” Clavio said in a statement.

More information is expected to be announced soon but told volunteers and staff the event should be thought more as a “Fall Arts and Crafts Market” which will be held over Labor Day weekend.

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