Illinois Farmers Warned: State Fire Marshal Issues Grain Bin Safety Alert


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Springfield, IL – The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal has issued a dire warning about the hazards of grain bins, following reports of rapid entrapments and accidents. In a public safety announcement, they stressed that incidents can occur within mere seconds, leaving individuals completely engulfed.

According to the Fire Marshal, essential safety protocols are being strongly recommended, such as a thorough permit or checklist compliance before bin entry, strict adherence to Lockout/Tagout standards to control hazardous energies, atmospheric testing, the use of safety harnesses and lifelines, and the imperative to never work in isolation. 

The safety notice comes with additional advice to safeguard against auger entanglement, urging the guarding of sump holes and secure positioning of augers. These guidelines are part of an ongoing effort to foster safety awareness and prevent accidents within Illinois’s agricultural communities.


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