Indiana ER Doctor Details Tornado Aftermath: From Taco Bell Explosion to Unified Medical Response


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Winchester, IN – Following the devastating tornado that tore through Winchester last Thursday, an ER doctor’s viral Facebook post has become a focal point for the community and beyond. 

Dr. Ries, who was the only emergency room doctor on duty at the time, provides a gripping account of the night’s events, starting from the moment a local Taco Bell exploded due to the tornado’s fury. The hospital quickly became a beacon for 38 trauma patients, ranging in age and severity of injury, in a span of time usually spread over a full day.

“In less than an hour the mass casualties would unfold, and 38 trauma patients would arrive at our ER… more patients than this ER usually sees in 24 hours,” Dr. Ries explained in the social media post. “Adults, children, elderly… with life threatening injuries, bleeding, in pain, confused, worried about their loved ones and whether they would have a home to which they could return.”

The post vividly describes the chaos that ensued and the incredible response from the medical community. Medical professionals from various disciplines converged on the hospital, offering their expertise and support. This included physicians, nurses, EMS personnel, and others who came forward with a single purpose: to help those in dire need.

Despite facing overwhelming odds, including a significant power outage that disabled crucial medical equipment like the CT scanner, the medical team adapted. Dr. Ries narrates the challenge of arranging patient transfers across Indiana amid severe weather conditions that rendered air transport impossible and limited ambulance availability. Yet, in an extraordinary display of coordination, 21 ambulances were secured to transport patients to further care.

The account not only highlights the night’s logistical feats but also the profound sense of unity and purpose that permeated the response effort. The account ends on a note of deep gratitude and pride, emphasizing how calm can be restored in the midst of a storm through the concerted efforts of trained professionals united under one cause. This narrative stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, preparation, and the human spirit’s capacity to rise above adversity, offering a model of how communities can come together to navigate the chaos of natural disasters.


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