Indiana Man Allegedly Rips Gun from Woman, Shoots at Ground at 2 A.M.


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Crown Point, IN – An Indiana man is accused of forcibly seizing a woman’s firearm and firing shots into the ground early Monday.

According to Crown Point Police, the alarming incident, filled with potential danger and fear, swiftly resulted in the man’s arrest on charges of criminal recklessness, along with additional misdemeanors.

It happened on Morningside Drive around 2 a.m. where Isaac Dutton, a resident of Hammond, reportedly engaged in a heated argument with a female victim about their relationship. As tensions escalated, Dutton allegedly tore the gun from the woman’s possession and discharged several rounds into the ground.

The woman, gripped by terror, reportedly tried to calm Dutton as they hurried back towards their vehicle. Law enforcement promptly intervened and apprehended Dutton without incident.

Dutton was taken to Lake County Jail, facing preliminarily charged of criminal recklessness, a felony, and misdemeanors including criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.


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