Indiana Mourns Euthanized Albino Deer, One in 30,000 Rarity, After Heartrending Incident


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Crown Point, IN – The community is dealing with the poignant loss of “Snow,” a cherished albino deer known for her striking white coat, after a sequence of unfortunate events led to her being euthanized. 

According to the Crown Point Police Department, the sequence began with an incident reported on Monday, March 25, when Snow was found with a serious leg injury. Despite efforts by local animal control and veterinarians to save her, it was ultimately determined that surgery could not repair the damage.

Albinism in deer is an exceedingly rare genetic condition that results in a lack of pigmentation, characterized by white fur, pink eyes, nose, and hooves. While piebald deer, which have a mix of white and brown fur, occur more frequently, true albinism is found in only about one in 30,000 deer. This rarity makes the sighting of an albino deer a particularly special event, with the average person having less than a 0.003% chance of encountering one in the wild during their lifetime.

Snow had moved locations since the incident, and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) had recommended that the public not disturb her, to enhance her chances of recovery. The community’s engagement in the attempt to save Snow reflects the significance of such a rare wildlife sighting in the region. Her presence was more than a natural curiosity; it was a beacon of wonder in the Crown Point area. With Snow’s passing, both the rarity of her kind and the collective efforts to save her life are underscored, leaving the local residents in contemplation of the delicate balance of nature.


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