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Bradley Man arrested on Child Pornography Charges after having computer serviced 

BRADLEY – A man was arrested Friday at Best Buy after employees reportedly discovered child pornography on his computer.

According to Bradley Police, it happened after an employee suspected the child porn had been found on a customer’s computer. 

A Best Buy employee directly familiar with the incident said the man came into Geek Squad because he couldn’t get his games running on his PC.  After inputting his pin on his PC, a wallpaper appeared showing the pornographic image.  

“It was his wallpaper.  Fully visible,” the employee who dealt directly with the customer told Country Herald Monday night.  The employee then immediately contacted management to contact the police.

Officers arriving would confronted the customer who admitted to having the porn on the computer.  Police arrested 30-year-old James R Seraga, who was arrested on charges of Possession of Child pornography. 

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