Mountain Dew Faces Ban in Illinois: Extreme Measures Against Extreme Drink, Others


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Springfield, IL – Mountain Dew, the iconic beverage synonymous with extreme sports, may soon disappear from Illinois shelves if a new legislative proposal passes. 

Senate Bill 2637, which cleared the Senate this Thursday, seeks to ban brominated vegetable oil (BVO)—a key ingredient in Mountain Dew—along with other additives considered harmful.

Sponsored by Illinois Senator Willie Preston, the bill targets additives like titanium dioxide, potassium bromate, propylparaben, and red dye No. 3, aiming to protect consumer health. The legislation would force manufacturers to reformulate their products by January 1, 2028, under threat of significant penalties for non-compliance.

Despite its potential health benefits, the bill has sparked opposition from various industry groups, including the Illinois Manufacturers Association and the National Confectioners Association. These groups argue the bill oversteps FDA authority and could lead to higher food prices and market confusion.

Mountain Dew is not the only popular product targeted under the proposed Illinois legislation; numerous other everyday food items contain the banned additives. For instance, titanium dioxide, slated for prohibition, is found in candies like Skittles and Warheads, while potassium bromate is a common ingredient in some packaged breads and frozen foods. Propylparaben, used in packaged corn tortillas, baked desserts, and cake icing, along with red dye No. 3, present in strawberry-flavored Ensure drinks, strawberry Yoo Hoo, and various candies, snacks, and cereals, could also vanish from the state’s food landscape. 

As the debate heats up, Illinoisans might need to brace for a future without their favorite high-octane refreshment.


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