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Friday, July 1, 2022

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Kankakee Vehicle Stickers now available for purchase at City Hall

Would you rather pay $35 for a parking sticker, or $70? That’s the question residents of the City of Kankakee need ask themselves today as parking stickers go on sale at City Hall for the 2019-2020 year.

All this month, the new orange parking stickers are only $35 for all passenger vehicles, $20 for Motorcycles and $45 for buses. However, after July 1st, those prices double to $70 for all passenger vehicles, $40 for motorcycles and $90 for buses.

Vehicles within city limits must have the stickers displayed on their vehicles at all times to avoid possible fines.

There is no charge for the stickers for active military, disabled veterans and disability license plate holders, “W” plates only. Please bring proof of the above with to City Hall if you qualify.

The vehicle stickers program was installed five years ago and annually raises nearly half a million dollars in revenue for the City of Kankakee each year.

City Hall is open 9am-5pm Monday through Friday all this month and Saturday 8 am to Noon.

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