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Log Schoolhouse Restoration Project in Bourbonnais reaches 60% of goal

Nearly 62% of overall funds have been raised to professionally reconstruct the schoolhouse in Bourbonnais

BOURBONNAIS – Efforts to restore the Bourbonnais Grove Historical Society’s 1837 Log Schoolhouse Restoration Project have eclipsed 60% of the overall goal of $120,000 in 2020.

With many events canceled or postponed this year, Bourbonnais was able to safely execute a Chocolate Tour prior to the pandemic in addition to two Chicago Bears memorabilia fundraisers. The combined events raise $12,338 towards fundraising efforts to restore the 1837 Log Schoolhouse.

“The village is proud to assist in providing Bourbonnais with the benefits of an additional historic museum,” explained Mayor Paul Schore. “Although it’s been a trying year, the community has been extremely positive and supportive of the proposed new village improvement projects, including this one. I think we can all agree education is important now more than ever.”

The sold-out Chocolate Tour, cohosted with the Bourbonnais Township Park District, took place on February 2, 2020. The village’s portion of the shared event proceeds totaled $5,907. The Chicago Bears Summer Training Camp banner sale held on August 7th sold-out of 154 banners in 22 minutes and raised $4,901. Due to current public health and safety concerns, the village hosted an online auction November 13th through November 22nd for the remaining Chicago Bears Summer Training Camp street signage. Proceeds for eight available signs totaled $1,530.

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