Palos Park Crash: Truck’s Brake Failure Sends Illinois School Bus Spinning with 32 Involved


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PALOS PARK, Ill. — An alarming incident disrupted the tranquility of Palos Park Thursday afternoon when a malfunctioning pickup truck barreled into a Lemont School District bus. 

Palos Park Police report the crash at the intersection of 123rd Street and northbound 80th Ave ensnared 32 individuals in its wake after a pickup truck lost control of its breaks.

The intensity of the crash was so intense, it sent the bus spinning, leading it to strike a third vehicle. Broken down by numbers, the accident comprised 29 passengers from the school bus, two from the pickup, and one from another vehicle. Three individuals needed immediate medical attention.  As of 8:30 p.m. only one person remained in a nearby hospital, no word on their current condition.

Local law enforcement and emergency services swiftly responded, and a rigorous investigation is now in motion.


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