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Stock+Field, formerly Big R Stores, to close all 25 stores after 55 years in business

WATSEKA  – The company formerly known as Big R Stores, now Stock+Field, is closing all of its stores, beginning March 31st, after filing Chapter 11.

Stock+Field has locations in Watseka, Gibson City, Morris, and Danville. Stock+Field has served the Illinois community for over 55 years and will now close all 25 locations. Previously headquartered in Watseka, but sold in 2018 to Minnesota businessman Matthew Whebbe. Whebbe stated the closure Sunday, posted to the company’s website.

“After more than 55 years, Stock + Field (formerly known as Big R Stores) is closing its doors at all 25 locations,” reads the statement from Matthew F. Whebbe, chairman and CEO. “There have been many challenges in 2020, and Stock + Field was not immune to them. S+F has partnered with providers of new merchandise and will be selling items as massive discounts in the coming weeks. Even (and especially) in a pandemic – we believe the customer should be able to get some wins.” 

Big R was founded in 1964 and has locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

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