Wisconsin Tornadoes 2024: Record Spike with 22 Twisters So Far – 15 On Single Day


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Milwaukee, WI – Wisconsin has seen a significant spike in tornado activity this year, with 22 tornadoes documented so far in 2024. According to the US National Weather Service, 15 of these tornadoes occurred on May 21, a particularly active day for severe weather.

The tornadoes this year have primarily been categorized as EF1, which can cause moderate damage, with some reaching EF2 strength, indicating more considerable potential for destruction. While damage assessments are still underway, ongoing severe weather has slowed down the progress of these evaluations.

This surge in tornado activity comes a few years after the state experienced a record number of tornadoes. In 2021, Wisconsin saw 41 tornadoes, the highest number in recent history. This included several significant tornado events, highlighting the state’s vulnerability to such severe weather.

The National Weather Service continues to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available. Residents are encouraged to stay informed through the NWS website and local news outlets for the latest information on weather conditions and safety advisories.

The increase in tornado occurrences underscores the importance of preparedness and awareness in the face of severe weather. Authorities advise residents to have emergency plans in place and to heed warnings and alerts promptly to ensure safety during such events. For more detailed information, visit the National Weather Service’s website.


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