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Bourbonnais announces winners of 1st Very Merry Coloring Contest

BOURBONNAIS – The Village of Bourbonnais announced the winners of the first “Very Merry Holiday Coloring Contest” Monday night.

The contest, open to village residents of all ages, was the second COVID-friendly event hosted by the village for the holidays. The custom Santa at the Skate Park coloring page could be downloaded and printed directly at home. A total of 117 entries were received between November 23rd and December 14th.

“We had an amazing turnout for the first year and each did an excellent job,” said Mayor Paul Schore, “There are some very talented individuals here in Bourbonnais.” Winners received a VISA gift card ranging in value from $100 for first place winners to $25 for third place winners.

Ages 6 & Under Category
• 1st Place: Kamden Olney
• 2nd Place: Payton Wehrmann
• 3rd Place: Jacoby Whalen

Ages 7-10 Category
• 1st Place: Charley Morrall
• 2nd Place: Grace West
• 3rd Place: Valeria Mendez

All Ages/Family Category
• 1st Place: Ellen Ehrman
• 2nd Place: Claire Morrall
• 3rd Place: Ethan Regas

Special Needs Category
• 1st Place: Brad Miller
• 2nd Place: Kathryn Hofman

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