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Revolution Brewery Everyday-Hero 15 pack release

Revolution Brewery, of Chicago, is releasing its newest can Every Day-Hero, session IPA, in 15 packs to local craft beer purveyors. Revolution Brewing has really started to step into the large format packaging with its League of Hero Series variety 12 packs that feature 4 different IPAs in their Single Hop Hero series as well as its Fist City 12 pack cans and their fridge filler Cross of Gold 18 packs. The Everyday Hero 15 packs will find good company in the Revolution portfolio. Every Day-Hero is 4.3 percent ABV session IPA that features Sabro, El Dorado, Mosaic, and Cascade hops that have a tropical citrus profile that give enough punch to keep your attention without the usual ABV from an IPA (~6-8 percent) knocking you out. Look for this new offering from Revolution at all your favorite places to find Rev beer, like Jewel, Target, Meijer, Liquor World and Zone, The Hoppy Pig in Bradley, and plenty of other places.

I am personally terribly excited for this beer because I am often in the market for a 12 to 15 pack of high-quality, local, craft beer. While I like Revolution’s hero series beer, and I am a huge fan of Fist City, the 15 pack is a perfect package in my routine and a bit more of hop presence than Cross of Gold, which comes in 18 packs. I try to buy Chicago/Illinois beer as often as possible, so I now have another large format choice amongst variety pack and large format stalwarts like Founders, Firestone Walker, Samuel Adams.

“Any time we come up with a new beer, we absolutely want it to have that Revolution stamp on it. Every Day-Hero isn’t like anything we’ve brewed before,” Brewmaster Jim Cibak said, “The hops bring some really unique flavors to a very refreshing beer. We spent a lot of time experimenting with different hops and recipes until we had exactly the beer you want at the end of a long day.”

Not only for around the house beer, I am looking forward to having another great low ABV choice out and about, at an outdoor event, or for packing a cooler to bring with me to gatherings with friends and family at an affordable price. I am ready to have a new classic in heavy rotation in my craft beer adventures.

Untapped Badges this could count towards: Land of the Free, I Believe in IPA, Wheels of Style, Riding Steady, For the Can, and Session Life.

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