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Kankakee, Will and Iroquois Businesses: Annual Sidebar Ads Now Available

Yearly Sidebar Ads on Country Herald are now available for purchase, ends Feb 1st

Yearly Sidebar Ads on Country Herald are now available for purchase!

Last year, in our first year, Country Herald saw over 250,000 local viewers from Kankakee County visit us!  Now is a chance for your business to be involved in each and every story we post!

Beginning today, annual sidebar ad registration is now available!  We limit our ads to annual registration only to a small variety of local businesses and organizations with a no-competition mentality among our advertisers.  Meaning we don’t allow more than one hospital to advertise with us.

The next time a local story goes viral, make sure your business is part of the excitement! Become an active partner with Country Herald as we continue to grow.

First come, first serve.  Registration ends Feb 1st 2020.

This is a great deal to regularly expose your business or organization to a wide variety of users for Kankakee, Will and Iroquois County!  Take pride in your community by helping bring information to them that matters most!

Fill out the form below to get started:

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