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New Manteno Chamber Logo Encompasses Strength of Community

Manteno – January 21, 2020 The Manteno Chamber of Commerce has unveiled a new logo and brand identity to better reflect Manteno’s business community. The new branding strategy amplifies the Chamber’s vision, and will be integrated into all Chamber platforms and publications in the months ahead.

The Manteno Chamber of Commerce logo was inspired by the Second Street Mural, “Perspective”. The mural itself was created to represent our town from a unique viewpoint. Although the piece is formally abstract, there is a language to the composition that engages participation and investigation. In 2018, community members were invited to take part in the painting as a collaborative effort to promote connection within our community.

The Manteno Chamber logo brings in elements of the “Perspective” mural. The vibrancy of the logo portrays our thriving business community. The circle in the “M signifies the unity of our members and community. As a whole it encompasses the belief our businesses are linked with the community on a significant level—a town cannot be based on living spaces alone; businesses are the heart. To date, the Manteno Chamber of Commerce is 192 members strong.

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