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City of Kankakee Snow Removal and Parking Notice

Kankakee, IL – In effort to serve the residents of Kankakee and keep streets open during snowfall, the Department of Public Works tries to maintain the following model.

During snowfall, trucks remain on the main routes to keep the main arteries open throughout the City. To view the main routes on our website, visit: https://citykankakee-il.gov/perch/resources/kankakee-snow-routes.pdf. Once the snow has stopped, trucks continue to clean up main routes and then begin snow removal on the remaining residential streets. After all residential streets are clear, the Department of Public Works will make their way through the alleys throughout the City.

No parking areas are also outlined on City website for streets when snowfall is 2” or above. To view the no parking areas, visit: https://citykankakee-il.gov/perch/resources/snowaqua.pdf. Residents are encouraged to move their vehicle to off street parking, if there is access to it. Maneuvering large trucks with plows and spreaders can be a challenge for City drivers if they have to weave in and out of vehicles parked on the street.

Do not clear driveways and sidewalks by throwing snow into the street. This could be a hazard to other drivers. Also, try to yield the right of way and do not pass a snow plow. Always use caution when driving on snow covered streets. The City of Kankakee’s goal is to clear the streets for all residents and do it safely.

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  1. The side walks need to be cleaned, I see people walking or standing on the edge of the street and its a hazard for everyone involved


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