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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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1st Teen in Kankakee tests positive for COVID-19

The first teen in Kankakee has tested positive for COVID-19.

That information came during the Kankakee County Health Departments’ 9 am briefing when new numbers were released, including a adult male in his teens and a male in his 40s, bringing Kankakee’s total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 44.  Ages of positive cases in Kankakee County now stretch from teens to 80s.

Last night, Will County Health Department officials reported their positives grew to over 200.

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  1. I feel we should at least know the names of the ppl effected so we know if we work with them, hang out with them, related to them, or have friends who are related and have been around them. We the public should know the names of the ones effected since this is a pandemic and it might bring some seriousness to the situation for those who are not staying home and taking the covid-19 virus as serious as they should.


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