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2nd case of COVID-19 reported at CSL Behring in Bradley

CSL Behring reports a 2nd confirmed cases of COVID-19 among their employees at their site in Bradley.

According to Powell, the site has put a number of measures into place to protect workers, including limiting on-site visitors, enhancing hygiene and disinfecting protocols, and having employees following social distancing standards throughout the facility.

“They are receiving medical attention and are self quarantined.” Maureen Powell, Site Head of Communications said on Thursday. “Without question, safeguarding our people remains our top priority, including at our facilities.”

CSL Behring is currently part of an unprecedented industry alliance to develop a potential plasma-derived therapy for treating COVID-19. The alliance will work toward developing one, unbranded anti-SARS-CoV-2 polyclonal hyperimmune immunoglobulin medicine with the potential to treat individuals at high risk of COVID-19 and to support national governments in their efforts to fight the current pandemic. 

“It is too early to tell what role the Kankakee site may have in manufacturing this treatment,” Powell told us Thursday.

Medicine produced at the Kankakee site aren’t discretionary items–people need them to stay alive. “People stricken with rare diseases and their families rely on us and the work that we do to help them,” Powell said on Thursday. “We are confident that the rigorous safety controls and inspections applied throughout every step of our process to ensure our plasma products are of the highest quality and safety.”

CSL Behring reported its first COVID-19 case at the Bradley facility on March 31st. 

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