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BBCHS to create future E-Learning plan for students, releasing early Friday

Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School announced on Thursday it would release early on Friday afternoon to allow teachers and staff to prepare a future E-Learning plan for students due to COVID-19.

In a letter to parents, the school administrators announced an early release at 11 am on March 13th.

“The purpose of this is to give our staff and teachers time to meet in order to create a plan for potential E-Learning situations that may arise in the future.  Please understand our school district leadership is considering all possible scenarios to protect the well-being of our students and community as we monitor COVID-19.”

BBCHS says they are in constant contact with Kankakee County Health Department and other organizations to ensure regular information is communicated to the school. 

“In the event that BBCHS is required to close, we will continue to share updated information with you through emails and phone calls.  Please make sure to check your emails in order to receive the most updated information from us.”

BBCHS is scheduled to be in session regularly next week.  Students should plan to be in school on Monday unless otherwise notified.


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