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Bourbonnais asks for help shaping Community Gathering area, name assistance

BOURBONNAIS – Over 1,200 area residents to date have engaged in “Imagine Bourbonnais” a plan to create a central community gathering area around the Municipal Center and surrounding area. 

Now the Village is asking residents to prioritize preferred concepts, and help choose a name.

“The community has really embraced this project, and we couldn’t be more pleased,” explained Mayor Paul Schore. “We took a pause in planning this past spring when the pandemic broke out. Come fall, we decided it was the perfect time to pick it back up and progress. It’s a project that everyone can get involved and really take pride in. It’s positive, and we could all use something positive to look ahead to.”

Among considered names for the community gathering area include Village Green, Friendship Village, Bourbonnais Commons and others.  Members of the community can also write in their own suggestions for the space.

The Community Campus master planning process is expected to be completed in the fall of 2020 with assistance from The Lakota Group – an urban planning and landscape architecture consulting firm.

Village officials first began engaging the community with the plan when it was announced last fall.

 You can reply to the plan and take the survey to help shape the future community space now on the Village’s website here.

Deadline to reply is November 1st.

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