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Bourbonnais plans to sell water system to AQUA Illinois

BOURBONNAIS – The Village of Bourbonnais is planning to sell their water system to AQUA Illinois.

Monday evening, Village Administrator Mike Van Mill addressed what funds from the sale could be used for in Bourbonnais if a sale was to go through to AQUA.

“The Village will be able to provide key and essential services for residents including expanded road programs that accelerate the maintenance of our roads, a comprehensive sidewalk program to fix existing crumbling and cracked sidewalks while adding new sidewalks to connect gaps in the system. The development of a multi-use regional trail that enhances and promotes healthy living and the quality of life in the village,” Van Mill said Monday evening.

Van Mill added the trail system had recently been ranked as a number one priority by residents if additional funding was available for village parks.

Funding from the sale would also be utilized for the Bourbonnais Campus project. Under the proposed agreement, Bourbonnais would retain two million gallons worth of capacity at the Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency (KARMA) that AQUA would not receive in the sale for future use or sale.

A final vote will be made from Village Trustees on a sale at a Board Meeting on December 7th.

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