Controlled Burn Successfully Conducted in Orland Park


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ORLAND PARK, IL – On March 20th, the Orland Park Fire Department conducted a controlled burn near Kelly Park at 167th and Haven. If you saw smoke and flames in the area, don’t worry. This was a planned event intended to manage ecosystems and reduce the risk of wildfires.

A controlled burn is a fire that is intentionally set and managed to achieve specific goals. It can help manage invasive plant species, promote new plant growth, and remove potential fuel sources for wildfires. These burns are conducted under controlled conditions and closely monitored by firefighters to ensure they stay within the designated area.

The Orland Park Fire Department reminds residents that controlled burns like this one will become a more common sight across the Chicago area as the weather warms up and spring blooms begin to appear. Keep an eye out for notices from your local fire department to stay informed about upcoming controlled burns in your community.

Controlled burns are an important tool for land management, helping to maintain healthy ecosystems and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. So, if you see one happening in your area, know that it is a planned event conducted by professionals for the benefit of the environment and public safety.


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