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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Garage Sales are not allowed during COVID-19 pandemic, says Village Board Monday

Spring cleaning is bound to take place when you spend the majority of your time at home, however, the Village of Manteno reminded area residents Monday garage sales are not permitted during a pandemic. 

The notice came from Public Safety and Health Village Trustee Diane Dole during Monday night’s Manteno Village Board meeting.

“Someone in Manteno had a garage sale this weekend, and that is not allowed either.  So we need to stop having garage sales too until all this is past us,” said Dole.

Mayor Nugent expanded on that reminder Monday evening.

“We don’t require permits for garage sales, at the Village we wouldn’t know about those taking place since we don’t require they register or anything.  So until further notice, at least for the month of May you know, going forward, we don’t want those and ask people to refrain from that.” said Manteno’s Mayor Monday.

Traditionally, Manteno sees their largest Garage Sale event of the season corresponding with Manteno’s Oktoberfest in late September.

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