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Joliet Junior College activates Campus Solar System

JOLIET – Joliet Junior College (JJC) is estimated to save over 1.6 million in electricity in the next 25 years, thanks to the activation of its new onsite solar system, developed by Pivot Energy.

The system consists of over 3,500 solar panels and generates 1.3 megawatts (MW) at the site. One megawatt alone is estimated to power anywhere from 400-900 homes, making JJC’s campus one of the greenest in Illinois.

The panels were provided by retired Joliet oncologist Dr. Sarode Pundaleeka with Sunlarge Industries. Over the first 10 years, JJC will pay a reduced rate for the energy generated by the panels, after which they will be donated to the college. 

Pundaleeka hopes the solar array will inspire future generations to pursue careers in clean energy and convey the importance of sustainability to all campus visitors.  

“It is phenomenal to see this project completed. This gives a very distinct and progressive look to the campus,” Pundaleeka said. “JJC will be in sound economic state without the escalating energy costs.”

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