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Joliet Wal-Mart testing for COVID-19 filled minutes after opening

Testing is for First Responders and Healthcare workers only

Joliet Police Department announced minutes after Wal-Mart’s 10 am opening today that testing at the location was full and no further appointments would be issued for the day. The Joliet Wal-Mart is one of two locations in the State testing for COVID-19, the other their Northlake location.

The Department has stressed the importance of understanding these tests are for First Responders and Healthcare workers only.

“We have no control over when Wal-Mart runs out of tests. The testing is put out by Wal-Mart, not the Joliet Police Department” the Department said in response to a growing number of complaints via Facebook by area residents to the news. “Every post we have made in regards to the Wal-Mart testing has stated it’s for First Responders and Healthcare workers only.”

The testing is a direct result of a public-private partnership announced by the White House on March 13th. It is unclear how many testing units each area Wal-Mart received before testing began.  

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