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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Kankakee County men ages 20-30 years dominate 18 new COVID cases announced Tuesday

Kankakee County and the surrounding community saw Health Department officials announce their largest jump in COVID-19 cases to date early Tuesday morning, announcing 18 new cases, most of them ages 20-30 years old. 

That number brings the county over the Century mark which now stands at a total of 108 for the County.    

Age 40-49 is still the most heavily hit in the County at 23 cases, with ages 50-59 coming in second with 21.  Age groups 30-39 and 60-69 currently stand tied for the third most hit age bracket in the County with 16 each.

Three out of every five COVID-19 cases in Kankakee County are now men.

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