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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Manteno Storm Shelters will remain open during Stay-at-Home

The Village of Manteno said during Monday’s Board Meeting it will allow for storm shelters to remain open if a tornado warning is in effect for the area.

“If there is bad weather, that’s coming our way, the shelters will be open,” said Manteno Mayor Timothy Nugent Monday.  “If the weather is bad and there has been a tornado sighted, and the sirens are going off, or if there is even a tornado warning, that it’s worth it for us to open the shelters for people that don’t have a place that they feel secure.”

Manteno’s Mayor said he discussed the move with members of the Village, including both Police and Fire Chiefs before coming down with the decision.  Storm shelters in Manteno are located at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, First Church of the Nazarene, and the Leo Hassett Community Center.

“We don’t want anybody to, obviously, suffer, because of a potential storm, wind, tornado and get blown away because trying to take precautions in place for the Virus.” said Mayor Nugent.  Manteno asks should residents head to storm shelters, remember to maintain social distancing practices while in attendance.

For more information regarding tornado and severe storm safety, as well as Illinois COVID-19 updates, please visit ready.illinois.gov.

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