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Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center Relocates in the City of Kankakee

Kankakee, IL – An unexpected pregnancy can be one of the most alarming moments in a woman’s life. Since 1985, Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center has been helping families with unplanned pregnancies. The center recently moved in the City of Kankakee from 1780 West Merchant Street into a new location at 260 South Washington Avenue, a long-term goal of Director Kristen Lonberger.

“We are grateful to Riverside Healthcare who donated the building to us. It’s the biggest privilege to serve while we wanted to be in the heart of the community. There are so many women who don’t know where to turn and that is our goal. We want to give them a safe place with unconditional love. We want to love louder than all of the voices that the young lady might be hearing. Take a moment, take a pause and figure out what they would like to do while we aim to support them,” said Kristen Lonberger.

Lonberger who recently celebrated her second year with Living Alternatives stated the pregnancy resource center sees an equal number of women who need medical services and non-medical services such as mentoring.

“They may just need someone to talk to. We are faith-based. We let them know we care about them as a whole while having that spiritual component if they are open to it.”

Living Alternatives has 12 locations with 10 locations being in the state of Illinois. The organization has served the City of Kankakee for almost two decades.

“I became a mother at the age of 18 years and truly understand the fear young women experience when they have limited resources and supports. I am very grateful for the commitment of the staff and volunteers of the Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center. It is important to let these women know they will not be defined by an unplanned pregnancy and can go beyond that moment to be successful,” said Mayor Wells-Armstrong.

Among the services provided by the Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center in Kankakee are limited ultrasound scanning, pregnancy testing, mentoring services and community referrals. All services are free and confidential. The center operates fully on private donations. The center also houses a baby boutique filled with clothes, diapers and more. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. For more information on the center, visit www.pregnancyresourcecenter.org.

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