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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Midwest Express Clinic in Bourbonnais to test COVID-19, eligible patients only

A Bourbonnais Clinic will begin testing for COVID-19 to eligible patients.

The announcement was made today on the Clinic’s website. Clinical testing will be by appointment only upon being pre-screened, by phone at 219-513-2000. An appointment will be made if you reach the criteria for testing. The CDC and IDPH are not recommending testing for those with mild symptoms and should remain quarantined.

“We also ask that our community remain patient with us with our new “clean clinic” policy. We have compromised a slightly longer wait to ensure safety. We have all visitors waiting from their car until called to come into building and limiting visitors to one parent with kids and only patients. This is the BEST way we can protect all of you and ourselves.” said Katherine Demeulenaere, a Nurse Practitioner (NP) with Midwest Express Clinic announced last night in a post on social media.

Midwest Express Clinic will also be testing at facilities in Munster and Schererville, IN as well. Upon arriving, eligible patients will be asked to remain in in their cars. Once a patient arrives, they will be seen and tested from their vehicles. The Clinic asks you do not leave your vehicle unless asked to by a member of their staff. Anyone at high risk for COVID-19 will be treated from their vehicle.

“We can only test as much as our equipment allows us to. AKA, please do not hoard PPE or we won’t be able to offer testing. There is also a limited quantity of swabs we can order weekly. We will test as long as criteria is met and supply is sufficient.” said Demeulenaere.

An intake form can be found on the Clinic’s website.

For more information, call the Bourbonnais location directly at 779-236-4094 or visit their website.

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