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Motorcycle Club donates 10k to create new KCC Scholarship

KANKAKEE – Up to two students annually are now eligible for a new scholarship at Kankakee Community College thanks to a donation from the Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club, which includes members of law enforcement personnel nationwide. 

The scholarship, created by a $10,000 donation to the KCC Foundation from the Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club, allows $1,250 scholarships for individuals annually pursuing careers in law enforcement or business law. 

The award is named the Larry Walters, Michael Lindgren, and Steve Barney Scholarship after three local police officers. Lindgren and Walters died while serving the community. Barney, who passed away in 2018, was a founding member of The Iron Pigs Motorcycle Club.  

“This gift is powerful,” said Jennifer Zimmerman, coordinator of the KCC Foundation. “It honors these officers, and it will help students afford college, complete their degrees and change the trajectory of their lives.”

Applications for the scholarship will be accepted through March 1st, 2021. 

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