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Parkhurst says “Hoarding is not cool” while at Kroger in Bourbonnais

State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst was on site at Kroger in Bourbonnais earlier today.  Parkhurst was shocked that residents of her district are treating the pandemic as they would a blizzard or hurricane disaster, which of course it is not.  She also added photos of areas in a plea with area residents:

“Hoarding is not cool. This was Kroger in Bourbonnais this morning. The reason the shelves are empty is a direct result of hoarding. Our grocery supply chain is secure. Food and supplies will continue to be available. This pandemic is not weather or transportation-related. Please consider your neighbor and buy only what you need.”

The Governor assured Illinois residents on Friday following his ‘Stay-at-Home’ order you’ll still be able to leave the grocery store, pharmacy and other locations:

“There is absolutely no need to rush out to a grocery store, or gas station. On Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and everyday there after, those will be available to you.” Governor Pritzker said during his address on Friday.

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