Parkhurst says “Hoarding is not cool” while at Kroger in Bourbonnais


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State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst was on site at Kroger in Bourbonnais earlier today.  Parkhurst was shocked that residents of her district are treating the pandemic as they would a blizzard or hurricane disaster, which of course it is not.  She also added photos of areas in a plea with area residents:

“Hoarding is not cool. This was Kroger in Bourbonnais this morning. The reason the shelves are empty is a direct result of hoarding. Our grocery supply chain is secure. Food and supplies will continue to be available. This pandemic is not weather or transportation-related. Please consider your neighbor and buy only what you need.”

The Governor assured Illinois residents on Friday following his ‘Stay-at-Home’ order you’ll still be able to leave the grocery store, pharmacy and other locations:

“There is absolutely no need to rush out to a grocery store, or gas station. On Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and everyday there after, those will be available to you.” Governor Pritzker said during his address on Friday.


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