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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Seniors 65+ now eligible to test at Federal Wal-Mart COVID-19 site

Must be showing symptoms to qualify for testing

Department of Health and Human Services announced this morning the site requirements for testing at the Wal-Mart Joliet Federal COVID-19 Testing Site at 2424 W Jefferson St have changed.

The facility will now allow Seniors ages 65 and older to test for the virus at the site. It was previously only eligible to First Responders and Healthcare Professionals, and will still be following the change. The change was confirmed by the Joliet Police Department today.

A reminder, those showing up at the facility may be turned away if all testing slots are available. Upon arriving, you must remain in your car at all times, unless otherwise directed. The Joliet Police Department reminds guests that Officers are on-site to assist in traffic management and have no control over when testing is filled for the day.

Department of Health and Human Services canceled testing at the Joliet site on Saturday morning due to weather.

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