COVID-19: Illinois update, 685,623 COVID-19 cases Worldwide


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As of Sunday morning, 38 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Kankakee County. Will County Health Department will close its doors starting Monday after announcing 156 cases of COVID-19, opting to work from home. This week, Iroquois County began to see its first patients.

Kankakee’s youngest patient, a man in his 20s, was announced on Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, McCormick Place will become a hospital for over 3,000 patients, per Army Corps of Engineers. Tinley Park Convention Center is being looked at to add to those potential hospitalization efforts.

For a state at a crawl, it’s been a busy week in Illinois, a State that’s current COVID-19 count is above 3,491 with 47 dead, including an infant. Over 25,000 people have now been tested in Illinois.

Numbers across the United States as of 11:30 am, are now 121,960 confirmed cases, resulting in 2,042 deaths and 2,612 recovered in the U.S. according to John Hopkins. Currently, 117,306 patients deal with active symptoms and/or are being currently hospitalized across the United States.

This morning, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that millions will be infected and over 100,000 will die of Coronavirus. While the U.S. leads the world in total cases, Italy leads in deaths, which currently stands at 10,023. 

Across the World, tensions flare. 

Germany has banned gatherings of 2 or more. Citizens of Paris are being fined if they try to leave the city. In South Africa, police and soldiers are using rubber bullets to enforce lockdowns in Johannesburg. Meanwhile, in the U.K. Dr. Jenny Harries warns it could be ‘six months or even longer’ before Britain can return to normal.

Earlier this morning, New York’s Governor Cuomo announced the extension of the State of New York’s ‘Stay-at-Home’ order, pushing that original date now to April 15th. 

Governor Cuomo said that the date will be evaluated at that time. A similar announcement is expected later today by other Governors today, including Illinois’ Governor Pritzker.  

You can watch that live at 2:30 pm here.


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