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Friday, July 1, 2022

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IRMA releases new COVID-19 guidelines to protect grocery, retail workers

Illinois Retail Merchants Association (IRMA) announced on Saturday they’ve released new Social Distancing Guidance to employers across the State of Illinois.

“To be clear, there’s nothing new that customers need to know before shopping, other than to be vigilant about their social distancing practices,” Governor Pritzker announced on Saturday in anticipation of the new retail practices. “But it is up to each individual to follow our social distancing requirements.”

Guidelines from the organization include postings entrances and throughout the store to follow social distancing practices with regular in-store announcements, markers on floors to separate a distance between checkout lines, and employees walking stores to enforce social distancing practices.

Additional guidelines include:

  • Shield guards in front of cashiers and baggers that cannot stand 6ft away from the customer
  • Prohibiting the use of reusable bags
  • Encouraging online delivery and curbside pickup
  • Pushing the use of self-checkouts for customers to reduce person-to-person transactions with cash.
  • Encouraging cashless purchases as much as possible

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