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Silver Cross Hospital: ‘32 vents total; most in use,’ in New Lenox for COVID-19

Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox has nearly used up all of its ventilators treating COVID-19 patients.

“We’re at high capacity on vents.” President and CEO of Silver Cross Hospital Ruth Colby said during a City of Joliet Press Conference earlier today.  “We have 32 vents in total; most of them are in use.”

As of this morning, 228 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported in the City of Joliet.  Silver Cross Hospital is currently treating 75 COVID patients, with 54 of them confirmed positive with 21 under investigation.

“In our ICU, we have 20 COVID patients.  We are putting up another floor to accommodate ICU patients.  Our entire 6th floor now is COVID patients.” Colby announced.  “We’ve had 13 deaths related to COVID-19 here at Silver Cross.” The announcement comes on the heels ‘hopeful words’ on most news outlets today prior to the Holiday weekend. 

AMITA Health Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet reports 44 COVID-19 patients with 18 under investigation and 6 dead.  At that hospital, 21 are in the ICU with 20 on ventilators.  Saint Joseph has also converted one wing to dedicate entirely too all COVID-19 patents.

“We are monitoring ventilator use very, very carefully,” Colby said Thursday afternoon, “We have some backup plans that include the use of anesthesia machines, and our anesthesiologist are willing to be here 24/7 to monitor those in case we need them.”

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