Teens lead all age groups in newly infected since Oct 1st in Kankakee


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KANKAKEE – The Kankakee County Health Department (KCHD) reported a new COVID-19 death Wednesday afternoon, marking the 73rd victim locally to fall to novel coronavirus since the pandemic began.

The announcement came as the agency reported total cases have risen to 2,912 locally.  

Cases in Kankakee County are now expected to surpass 3,000 since the pandemic began by early next week. KCHD has reported 117 newly confirmed cases since October 1st, averaging nearly 17 cases a day.

Among the newly reported cases, 64 men and 53 women have been reported so far in October with 30 cases of teenagers infected leading the totals for age groups in October. Monday night, just 10 minutes from Kankakee County, Peotone High School announced they would be shutting down for two weeks after two COVID-19 cases had been reported in less than 48 hours.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 11 area residents were hospitalized for COVID-19 in Kankakee with 316 active cases confirmed in the area.

Age groups reporting in Kankakee County since October 1st:

7 are younger than 13

30 are in their teens

26 are in their 20s.

8 are in their 30s.

16 are in their 40s.

7 are in their 50s.

8 are in their 60s.

4 are in their 70s

1 are in their 90s

6 are undisclosed


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