Will County releases COVID-19 Case Map


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Will County Health Department unexpectedly release a case map of positive COVID-19 cases. 

According to the map, it appears to show most cases in Will County currently centered in Bolingbrook, Plainfield and portions of Joliet, while only a handful of current positive cases are located in Manhattan, Mokena, Frankfort and Monee. Peotone and Wilmington, two of the furthest southern areas of the County, each appear by the map to host only a single case.

Earlier tonight, Will County reported 192 cases of COVID-19.

While the map released clearly is marked “NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE,” that stance has apparently changed in recent days by officials at the Health Department, who released the map tonight via Facebook.

Country Herald reached out to the Will County Health Department tonight for a comment.  The Will County Health Department begins work from home starting tomorrow.


  1. I commend the Will County Public Health Department and believe EVERY County Health Department should publish a map of the locations where positive COVID-19 cases are documented. If the stated public health objective is to stop COMMUNITY spread rather than county spread, I suggest we have a need and a right to know more specifically where the cases are most prevalent.

  2. The Will County Department of Public Health did not publish that map. It states right at the bottom of the map that it isn’t to be released to the public for. Cook County shows every town that has even one case. No official will ever release the exact location/address of cases, for the safety of the persons who have it. Throughout history people in pandemics have been vicious toward the afflicted, and we are no less vicious a people now. Stay home, and keep calm. I wish you good health, Charles.

  3. Disagree with Breese. This is helpful to those sheltering in place. It shows it is within a mile or two of me. I have gone to a food store about once per week. Probably decide to just do without it when I run out of milk or butter.
    Don’t buy the danger to individuals from this map. The two circles closest to me probably cover 50 -75 houses each.
    If I got a mild enough case to stay out of ICU, I would like to publicly report the places I had visited in the past 3 weeks Costco, Jewel, Meijer, 3 Drs offices same trip. Might help someone.


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