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Without a single vote from County residents, Wheeler appointed Chairman in Kankakee

KANKAKEE – After not receiving a single vote from an area resident in 2020, Andrew Wheeler (R) is once again leading Kankakee County.

A decision was made by the County Board in a 20-6 vote Monday.

Wheeler gave up a re-election bid because of the ‘political leanings’ of his district earlier this summer, later reappointed to a vacant seat in late November following a heated exchange by local political figures. Wheeler, whose residency had been questioned before the November appointment, moved from Kankakee to Bourbonnais and was placed in a vacant seat late last month.

Wheeler’s term expired in November and did not appear on the ballot on November 3rd in Kankakee. Kankakee now has a Chairman who didn’t receive a single vote from a resident of Kankakee County in 2020.

Todd Sirois will serve as Vice Chair. 

The duo will serve as Kankakee’s leadership for the next two years.

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